Welcome to 7am Co breakfast Radio Station, located in New Zealand.

We are a leading media organization, renowned for delivering top -quality radio breakfast programs in New Zealand. We are proud to offer professional service for our wide array of listeners throughout New Zealand, our immediate region in Oceania, and the world at large.

Since establishment, 7am Co breakfast Radio Station has continued to expand its reach to many listeners within the country and beyond. Thanks to our podcast via our website.

7am Co breakfast Radio Station broadcasts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have a wide range of entertaining and educating programs in stock for our numerous listeners such as current affairs, news report, music shows, community concerns, business, sports, culture, public enlightenment, and magazine/talk shows.

Through our podcast, we have a wider reach spread across every continent of the world, communicating with more than thirty tongues and languages to ensure a maximum listeners' experience.

We are inspired to enhance the ideals of our beloved country and our immediate geographic region. With this, we offer the peoples of the world a new understanding into a multicultural and multi-religious listening experience. The mission is to improve global knowledge through a flawless appreciation of the world and its people.

Our technological base is innovative and fantastic, and our high-tech equipment is in tune with global best practices. We also attribute our successes so far to our resourceful and seasoned presenters who are passionate about their work. These feats have further placed our Breakfast Radio Station in the committee of top global broadcast brands.

We still reiterate our deep commitment always to entertain our devoted listeners and also promise to use our platform to promote entertainment, particularly in New Zealand.