If you need to create awareness for an upcoming event, promote products and services, or a new business idea, then it means you are a sponsor on 7 am Co FM Breakfast Radio Station. Sponsorship is just the same as advertising. Where there is a slight difference is that while commercial stations play adverts in every four minutes, community radio stations can play sponsorships within five minutes in each hour.

Tactically, sponsors do benefit from sponsorship announcements because of the big time which is allocated to it. It means that your message will get to the audience.

7 am Co FM Breakfast Radio Station offers a regular programming schedule and takes pride in providing New Zealanders the occasion to achieve their particular purpose.

Here are factors that clearly define our advert placement:


We break down our adverts into three categories for the week. Morning, Afternoon Drive, and Evenings. This arrangement also applies to Saturdays. However, Sundays have no category. We also provide advert services for those who want to target a multicultural market.

Regarding the guidelines for advertising, sponsorships must either come at the beginning or the end of every announcement.


Our rates are very affordable and start from $50 for five slots. We calculate our 45 and 60-second slots as 45 seconds as 25% of the price while 60 seconds is 50% of the total rate. Our prices are fixed so that you the client can choose the day and time of the week wherein you can place your advert.

If your budget is slim, you can request a "placement banner" on our website. However, the price for this service solely depends on the size of your banner.

Promoting your product or service on 7 am Co FM Breakfast Radio Station is a clear assurance that your message will cover areas where other media cannot get to. The reason is because of our extensive reach in New Zealand and beyond.